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  Overview of Methods

   Structure of the Book

   Intended Audience

Part One:  Mnemonic Methods for Learning Mandarin

1.   Applied Mnemonic Methods

2.   Potential Mnemonic Methods

3.   English Mnemonic Matches for Mandarin Syllables

Part Two:  Mnemonic Applications

4.   100 Basic Mandarin Words

5.   Simple Sets of Related Words

6.   Numbers and Proportions

7.   Time Periods

8.   Parts of the Body

9.   Names and Faces

10.  Family Relationships

11.  Tones and Measure Words

Part Three: Illustrated Sets of Related Words

12.  Animals and Plants

13.  Business and Travel

14.  Clothing and Accessories

15.  Countries and Continents

16.  Entertainment

17.  Emotions and Expressions

18.  Food and Drink

19.  Home

20.  Medicine and Health

21.  Occupations

22.  Religion

23.  School

24.  Sports and Games

25.  Transportation, Signs, and


Part Four:  Dictionary

English/Mandarin Mnemonic Dictionary

Template for Additional Words

[See sample][See sample][See sample]


For the student of Mandarin today, many learning tools are available, from simple word lists to sophisticated computer programs with voice-analyzing functions.  All have one thing in common: They all require a massive amount of time because they are based on rote memorization.  This book is the first to provide multiple short-cuts to learning Mandarin.

Intended Audience

This book is a self-study manual intended as an adjunct to phrase manuals, computer language programs, and even formal school courses.  The book’s greater value lies in its potential for helping users expand their knowledge of Mandarin beyond the material presented here through the use of mnemonic methods.

The Easiest Way To Learn Mandarin applies more than a dozen established memory techniques, nearly all for the first time, to the learning of Mandarin.  The techniques include most importantly: Word Images, Image Maps, and Illustrations.  Other mnemonics include 100 Basic Mandarin Words; Rhymes; Humor; Spelling, Sound, and Meaning of Names; and more.  The Dictionary presents mnemonic word images for 1,400 English/Mandarin words. The book’s greater value lies in its potential for helping users expand their knowledge beyond the Mandarin presented here through the use of mnemonic methods, such as six strategies for creating English mnemonic images of Mandarin words.  

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