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Part 1: Morning Star

In the wakened world, life expands when you are young and shrinks when you are old. In dreamworld, life expands until the last dream. [Morning Star Chronicles]

Part 3: Black Jade

If I ruled dreamworld completely, I would rule the wakened world completely. [Princess Black Jade’s Diary]

Although it was a maxim in her village that only nightmares became real, a young lucid dreamer did not believe that until she had a terrifying encounter with a dreammaster who lived two thousand years earlier. Morning Star’s dream was within Dreammaster Black Jade’s dream. That was a sentence of insanity or death. To avoid either of those fates, Morning Star had to become a dreammaster and something more.

The Little Chinese Dreammaster is a fantasy set in the Qing Dynasty of China. The first part (Morning Star) begins within the dreammaster’s dream. Morning Star escapes, but her efforts two years later to stop recurring nightmares lead to new attacks in both the dream and wakened worlds. In the second part (Blue Cloud), Morning Star’s father fights kidnappers, bandits, corrupt officials, and mercenaries in attempts to free his wife and daughter from slavery. With the help of an old Muslim dreamseer, Morning Star learns to manipulate the dreams of others both to lessen cruelty to fellow slaves and to help her and her mother become free. In the last part (Black Jade), Morning Star’s knowledge of dreamworld explodes with the aid of a dreamlord, her warrior father, her musician mother, and a Daoist monk. She defeats Black Jade in the fifth and ultimate dimension of dreamworld by becoming a new kind of dream being.

Part 1: Morning Star

   1. Terror in Two Worlds

   2. Flowers That Can Fly

   3. Ancient Medicine

   4. A Sneaky Doctor

   5. All Nightmares Are the Same Color

   6. The Origins of Magic

   7. A Village Meeting

   8. The Law of Threes

   9. “Blue Cloud is Coming”

 10. Even Monks Cry

Part 2: Blue Cloud

 11. Evening Star in Chengdu

 12. Ghosts, Charms, Signs, and Oracles

 13. Second-rate Villains

 14. The Dragon Gate Gang

 15. Prisons within Prisons

 16. Slave Girl

 17. The Beckoning Light

 18. Someone Else’s Dreams

 19. Chasing Camels

 20. Lady Khan’s Revenge

 21. Dancing in the Desert

 22. A Fat Monk

Part 3: Black Jade

 23. Dreamcatchers

 24. Dragon Family Chronicles

 25. Golden Lily’s Dreams

 26. Dream Demons

 27. “Harder Than the Road to Heaven”

 28. Full Glory’s Decision

 29. Homecoming in Butterfly Village

 30. Black Jade’s Realm

 31.  Even Dreamers Lie

 32. The Ultimate Dimension of Dreams

 33. Balance in Dreamworld

 34. Memories of Things That Might Have Been

Part 2: Blue Cloud

I believe in the paradox that moral men are superior fighters to immoral men. [Sky Blue Cloud]

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